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“Just when you thought you had it all figured out, you’d be surprised to find out that

it was you who were figured out.”


We live in a world where there are so many things to do, so many people to meet and

talk to, and so many places to go to. And yet, there’s so little time.

But despite that, at some point in our lives, we willingly submit ourselves to the

intricacies of life, hoping to find what we haven’t found yet. (It could be a thing, or it

could be a person.) Deep inside our hearts, we want to get that which we desire the

most. It is that desire which fuels us every waking day we have.

However, most of us dwell so much on the past, not knowing that the best can come

only if we learn to be patient enough. We also get tired. And when we do, we are

either trapped in a situation we never planned to get into, or are just too involved with

the task that we are currently doing, and which we find difficult to let go. We forget to

pursue that one thing we envisioned long ago to get.

If you try to look at your current circumstances in life from a bird’s eye view, though,

you’ll realize that everything and everybody in this world is interconnected.

Everything that’s happening – even you reading this article right now – is meant to

really happen for some reason. If you look at everything you’ve been through so far –

the ups and downs, the joys and the pains, the dreams (including the shattered ones) –

you will soon realize that they are just part of something bigger. They’re all part of

something greater than what we ultimately want.

The moment you’re waiting for will come by surprise, and it’s not easily given or

handed out to you. But one thing is for certain—that once the moment finds you at a

certain place and time, you won’t think twice of emptying your hands and holding on

to that great opportunity being presented to you. It is that great, and the only thing that

willl matter when the moment happens are you and that thing you’ve been waiting for.

Push yourself a bit harder. Work for your desire, as if you can almost see that thing

that you want to achieve. Just add a little more faith, and you’ll definitely get there.

This is how the universe works. Trust me!



Allan Asuncion

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