Consistency Makes a Man Successful

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Humans always love to invent and explore new things.


In the early 1900s, the North Pole was finally explored. That’s why a Norwegian named Roald Amundsen decided that he would do the impossible: he would explore the South Pole!


The conditions for exploring the South Pole were hard: it was freezing, the weather was being extreme, and Amundsen and his team of explorers didn’t know what to expect. But when the journey started, Amundsen made a choice that would change his life and the lives of his team: to march 20 miles each day across the South Pole.


On a good day, when the weather was fine, Amundsen and his team marched on for 20 miles. On other days, when the weather was terrible and they couldn’t see anything, they still marched forward for 20 miles. There were times in between, though, when the team decided to rest due to exhaustion. They did so because they were afraid of bad things happening to them if ever they weren’t able rest.


The result? Roald Amundsen and his team made it, whereas other explorers who decided to do the same adventure died. What was Amundsen’s secret?


Historians and researches say that Amundsen’s “20 mile march” mantra was the secret. Amundsen’s decision for his team to be consistent in marching towards their goal, as well as allowing themselves to rest in-between, was what helped them achieve their goal.


Other explorers who ventured to explore the South Pole wanted to finish as soon as possible, so that they could win against their contemporaries. But how did nature reward their overexcitement to succeed? These explorers lost their lives.


Here’s my message to you: life is not about being a one hit wonder. Life is about consistently moving forward to reach your dreams.


After every 20 miles, Amundsen and his team knew they got somewhere. That’s why they rested and prepared for another day, before marching another 20 miles. Amundsen believed that his team would get to their destination, and that their dreams would come true.


Life is not about how talented you are, or how rich you are, or how handsome you are. It’s about your “20 mile march” to your goal.


Let me ask you a question: What’s your “20 mile march”? Is it in your family? Your ministry? Your spiritual life? Finances? Career? Health? What is that thing that you need to do the “20-mile march” for everyday?


Start your march forward!


The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez


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