Getting to Know My Wife More in Her Pregnancy

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It was a beautiful sunny day for a garden wedding, and there were smiling faces all around, with a few tears of joy here and there. While I waited for my to-be-wife to walk down the aisle, I was sure beyond any doubt that I was marrying the right woman. Mavi was God-fearing, hopeful, positive and bright. I loved her, and we were ready to face what life had to offer, with God in the middle.


The wedding rush eventually winded down with each week that passed. Mavi and I were finally left to ourselves, and we went on our honeymoon as we celebrated our new life together. I enjoyed all my conversations with my wife, and it was nice to have her alone for once after all those busy weeks prior to our wedding.


Straight out of a story book, God blessed us, and I brought home a pregnant wife. I was so ecstatic, and I instinctively shared the wonderful news to our families. Full of excitement, I also started to read the book What To Expect When You’re Expecting, because I wanted to know and take part in everything Mavi was going through.


As I read the book, I came across this statement: “The first three months are to be special.” But “special” was an understatement for me. In fact, “special” didn’t even come close. During her first three months, I imagined all the changes that Mavi was experiencing inside her body. All those hormones in her body translated to things such as severe mood swings and differences in her usual preferences, but my favorite was when she had the desire to always be together with me.


It was difficult at first during those three months. I stayed with Mavi at home all day, because nausea attacked her unpredictably like a thief in the night. I was also guilty of my mind wandering off to other things, while I was physically there for my wife.  But one day, after having memorized, cleaned, organized and reorganized the four corners of the rooms that my pregnant wife was in, I decided to observe my wife and her struggles.


When I observed Mavi, I found out that there were times when she didn’t enjoy chocolates. I also learned to take part in her love for Cinema One, and in her new habit of waking up later in the morning. There were times when we held hands for support, and there were other times when I gave her a gentle arm massage. There were days when we rushed to get dressed and eat out during those blessed moments that she felt good, but there were also days when we rushed home because nausea attacked her again. Out of all those experiences, though, what I enjoyed most was basking in the glorious feeling of Mavi wanting me to be next to her.


In her first three months of pregnancy, I learned to just spend time with Mavi. I considered that period as a special time to bond with her, because soon we would be welcoming a child, and we would officially become a family. I’m grateful that I learned to love things about my wife that I didn’t know before. More than that, I used to think that being there for your wife was a huge sacrifice; instead, it turned out to be a blessing for me.


To God be all the glory!


Written by Rocky Ona


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