How Important Is Sex In The Relationship?

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Hiding in the darkness of a room, David and Cassy were in each other’s arms. Romance was filling the whole room, and both of them pecked each other’s lips. Cassy was filled with so much joy, because she was with her beloved; David, on the other hand, was grinning because he was about to score on his girlfriend for the first time.


Cassy and David were college lovers who got out of school early, and they found themselves in the former’s home because everyone was still at work or school. The isolation they had from everyone was an opportunity for them to finally have sex with each other, and eventually they did.


Cassy was so happy, because she thought that she was going to marry David. On the other side, David was so happy to be the lucky guy to take away Cassy’s virginity. Both of them had a good relationship in college, but after a year later they broke up. After deciding that each of them had different life goals, they grew apart.


The break-up was hard for Cassy and David. As time passed, though, they both became okay, and they started dating with other people again. What was different, though, was that sex started becoming part of what Cassy and David looked for in a relationship. Both of them had sex with various partners in different situations; some of the partners were committed to having a relationship, while others treated the whole thing as just “friends with benefits”.


Cassy and David thought that there wasn’t anything wrong with choosing to have sex before marriage, and that life was okay that way.


Today, as Cassy hits the age of 30, she has started losing her self-worth. She has gotten confused about how relationships really go, and wonders if there will be a man who will love her for who she really is. David, on the other hand, continues to enjoy the perks of having sex with different girls, even if they’re not yet married or in a committed relationship. Cassy and David would probably never get back together, and what’s sad is that both of them can’t find the right person to settle down with.


Friends, there are numerous ingredients to a successful relationship, and one of the most important is sex. It’s beautiful when people do it, but the consequences for doing it before marriage are hard to bear. That’s why most religions teach that sex should be done after you get married.


I know that most people nowadays don’t practice sex after marriage; admittedly, I myself have had pre-marital sex with someone. But ever since I started on a journey to be a real man, I’ve realized how important and beautiful sex is after marriage. Not only that, I’ve since decided to pause all activities with my girlfriend, Nicole, that could lead up to sex. (In fact, I’m getting married to Nicole soon, and I’m truly excited for my honeymoon so that I can finally make love to my one true love!)


The decision to stay sex-free has helped my relationship with Nicole, because we haven’t done anything sexually behind closed doors. It has forced the both of us to truly get to know each other, not just on an emotional level, but on a spiritual level as well. Aside from that, the decision has also helped me to discern that Nicole is the woman that I’m willing to live my life for. I’ve made the decision that I’ll provide for her, take care of her, and start a family with her.


If you’re practicing pre-marital sex, I don’t blame you; we’ve both been fooled by the world about having sex before marriage. But I encourage you to decide to wait for marriage, and to make a new covenant to be pure for your partner. Doing so will help give you all the energy you need to focus on your dreams, and to make them come true.


Take away your distractions. Build your stamina and your power, and fight for your dreams to happen. I truly believe that you have what it takes to be up to the challenge, because men are designed to overcome impossible feats.


I also encourage you to wait for the right woman to come into your life. When the time comes, marry her and give her all the love and manhood you can give! Be her champion, and save her from all the guys that have broken her heart. Be her hero!


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez


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