Is It Okay To Pray For The Right Girl?

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When I ask my friends about their first loves, most of them smile. I can tell that they still look at the memories with fondness. In fact, some of them still recall the electricity and kilig they had with their first loves.


Truly, first love never dies. No matter how many relationships follow, you can never really forget the first times your heart fell for another person. Even if most “first loves” don’t end in “happily ever after”, we surely learn a lot from them. In fact, most of the things we know about love, we learned from our very first heartbreaks.


When I was in elementary grade, I met this girl in school. When I saw her, the world suddenly stopped turning, and I could hear every beat of my heart. My eyes were on her, and her alone. Was it puppy love? You bet!


After meeting the girl, I prayed to God and asked Him to protect her and her family. (I loved praying to God, even as a kid.) I loved talking to God every time I was alone, and I would always tell Him everything about my crush. (I would especially tell Him about the times that she wouldn’t pay attention to me. Haha!)


After my elementary graduation, though, my entire family moved to another place, so I had to leave all my childhood friends, including my crush. It was a sad experience, but I learned to move on from that at an early age.


The next time I fell for another girl was in college. We were friends back then, and I could still remember the time I joined her in going home. She was someone who made me feel happy, like the person I met back in elementary. I included the college girl in my list of prayers to God, and I asked the Lord for clarity on how to move forward with my friendship with the girl.


It was in 2008 when the college girl and I decided to be in a relationship. It was one of the happiest days of my life, and I felt that I couldn’t thank God enough for what happened. The girl and I spent a lot of our days together, but things in our relationship later on felt like stuff in a romantic comedy movie. We had ups and downs, we cried, and we fought with each other. Things didn’t turn out as I expected, but in the midst of everything I remained prayerful to God, and I still hoped that things would work out.


Later on, however, the girl and I decided to end our relationship. It was a difficult thing to do, but I allowed the love of God to heal me after what happened. Now, my prayer to God is, if it is His will for me to have a partner, that the right girl will come along.


To my fellow friends who are still waiting for the right partners to come into their lives, don’t forget to pray to God about that. Ask God to guide the woman that he wants you to have, so that when the time comes that you will meet your partner, both of you are ready to be there for each other.


I still believe in “happily ever after”. And I will pray for you, my friends!


Maverick Vullag, RN

Nurse – Entrepreneur – Church Servant


Maverick believes that happiness is found everywhere. He believes that men, whether single or married, need to be the solid ground of the people around them. As an entrepreneur, he coaches people from different walks of life. As a church servant, he loves to listen to the stories of single men, and the transformations they experience in their lives.


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